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Hair Design Ideas for Round Faces

Round faces are one of the most difficult ones to style with the right hair design. No matter what cut you select, your plump cheekbones always seem to stick out making you look chubby when all you crave for is sexy cut.

The best hair design specialist in St Kilda can work wonders with your hair and give your round face a more balanced look.

Understand the Shape of Your Face

Before visiting the best hair design specialist in St Kildaunderstand if your face is indeed round in shape. You have a round face if your jawline, cheekbones and forehead are in a straight line and of almost same width. This means the length and width of your face will almost be equal in dimension.

People with round faces also have soft features with no sharp angles to add dimensions. It is rather a flat face and the best way to perk it up is to go for a suitable hairstyle.

When confused, consult some of the best hair design stylists in St Kilda to know more about hairstyles that suit round faces.

Keep it Short and Spiky

One of the best ways to add length to a round face is to keep your hair short and spiky. Your best hair design specialist in St Kilda will design an almost Mohawk-like style that creates an illusion of a longish face. Use some hair gel to keep the spikes standing up and comb it in upward strokes.

Go for a Sleek Bob

A single-length, sleek bob with the edges curved outward creates an illusion of a pointed chin and makes your face look thinner. It is a cute and sexy hairstyle that suits ladies of all ages. The straight length bob adds inches to your face while the curved edges add dimensions to offset the roundness of your face.

The Textured Bob

Textured bobs with asymmetrical layers break the monotony of a round face. Designed in shaggy waves with a side-swept bang, this design works wonders at offsetting a round face.

The best hair design stylists in St Kilda are experts at creating the right lop-sided look with your hair to add character to your round face.

Long Straight Hair

If you are lucky to have long, straight hair; you can easily use it to hide your plump face. Straight hair frames your face perfectly thereby hiding the protruding cheekbones. And when the hair is long and swept in front, it makes your face look longer than it actually is.

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