How to Get Shiny Hair?

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How to Get Shiny Hair?

Luxurious tresses are considered the crowning glory of your features. Dull, lifeless hair not only spoils your overall appearance but can make you look older. Moreover, dry hair that has no shine is an indication of an unhealthy; undernourished scalp.

If your tresses have lost their former glory and you want them back, consult the best hairdressers in Acland StThey are professionally trained to care for different types of hair so your locks retain their health.

Rinse your Hair with Cold Water

At the end of a hot shower, always remember to rinse your hair with cold water. Hot water opens the cuticles of your hair, making them prone to frizz and damage. Rinsing with cold water keeps the cuticles closed so that your entire hair looks smooth and shiny.

Shampoo Twice a Week

The best hairdressers in Acland St will always emphasize the importance of maintaining clean hair. Dirty and oily hair strands tend to attract dust making your hair look dull. Cleaning your hair at least twice a week is therefore essential in keeping each strand shining clean.

However, do remember to use a mild shampoo that is free from harmful chemicals. These can cause more harm than good. Ask for the best shampoo that suits your hair when you next visit your hairdresser.

Invest in a Good Hair Conditioner

One of the best ways of adding shine to damaged hair is investing in a good hair conditioner. Here too, the best hairdressers in Acland St can guide you on the best conditioners available in the market.

Always apply conditioner to damp hair and let your strands soak it for a few minutes before rinsing off. Some of the best hairdressers in Acland St offer deep-conditioning treatment for dull lifeless hair. These are extremely effective in transforming your lackluster stresses to smooth and shiny hair.

For regular maintenance, add some hairspray to the brush before styling your hair. This enhances the shine of your strands and helps retain the style.

Massage your Scalp Well

The best hairdressers in Acland St always put great emphasis on maintaining a healthy scalp if you want to retain the natural shine of your hair. Unhealthy scalp attracts dust particles that stick to the roots of your hair leading to their eventual breakage.

Give your scalp a good oil massage at least twice a week. Use your fingertips to separate each strand well so that your scalp is able to absorb the goodness of the oil.

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