Tips for Fighting Frizz

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Tips for Fighting Frizz

Frizzy hair is one of the most frustrating things in a woman’s life. How many times have you wished you could have glamorous, perfectly set hair like those models! But despite doing so much to make your hair look great, nothing seems to work.

However, with a little information and the right steps you can combat frizz to a great extent. All you need is regular hair care and you are ready to flaunt the best of hair design in St Kilda.

What causes Frizz

Simply put, frizzy hair is the result of lack of proper hair care. Your hair is undernourished, dehydrated and not groomed regularly. Frizzy hair is crying out for moisture and proper conditioning. In long term, lack of proper hydration can leave your hair permanently damaged and lifeless. So act now and know how to combat frizz easily.

Condition your Hair Regularly

One of the most effective ways of fighting frizz is using a good quality hair conditioner. Conditioners act as a protective layer over your hair, covering it from sun-damage. They also impart a glossy look to your strands making your hair look well-groomed.

Apply conditioner each time you wash your hair. Let your hair soak in the conditioner for at least five minutes before washing it off.

Avoid using conditioners with formaldehyde as this would further damage your hair. Also, if your hair is not too thin, go for a rich conditioner. Fine hair would look all the more limp if thick conditioner is applied to it. It will be difficult to style such hair when you visit the salon for hair design in St Kilda.

Do Not Shampoo too Frequently

Keeping your hair and scalp clean is necessary. But shampooing too often can remove the natural oils of your hair, leaving it dehydrated and frizzy. Use a mild, natural shampoo instead of chemical-based ones that are harsh on hair.

Consult your hair stylist on the best shampoo for your hair type when you visit them next for your hair design in St Kilda.

Groom your Hair Well

Never blow dry your hair when it’s dripping wet. Let it dry out a little naturally and use that blow-dryer on damp hair. However, avoid using heat devices too often as these dehydrate your hair.

Never rush through brushing your hair. Rough and quick brushing makes frizzy hair all the more susceptible to breakage and damage.

Oil your hair or use a suitable hair mask once a week. Massage your scalp really well to vitalize the roots and promote natural hydration.

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