What Hair Colour Suits Me?

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What Hair Colour Suits Me?

With myriad shades available in the market, dyeing your hair is no longer a problem. The problem lies in choosing the right shade. So before you pick a shade, be sure to consult one of our hair design St Kilda specialists. We can help you choose a shade that will suit you best.

Take a Look at Your Eyes

The colour of your eyes often indicates a hair colour shade that will make you look beautiful and stylish.

Our hair design St Kilda specialists recommend darker shades for people with hazel, green or brown eyes. Lighter hues look best on people whose eyes are grey or blue. For those with sparkling green eyes, deep brunette or even red brings out the best.

The Skin Tone

Your skin tone also plays a major part in choosing your hair colour. If you are fair skinned, golden shades will perfectly complement your look. Avoid white or ash blondes as they will create a totally bland effect.

If your skin is very pale, consult your hair design St Kilda specialist and try a few blonde highlights before choosing a shade.

Brunette shades also look great on people with fair skin. They create a beautifully stunning contrast. However, avoid very dark tones or reds as the glaring contrast can make you look ghastly.

For those with medium skin tones, shades in honey look truly amazing. You can choose a lighter or a darker tone but stick to the honey range.

If you have smooth olive skin, our hair design St Kilda specialist will suggest shades of caramel blonde for your hair. You can opt for lighter tones but never darker. Caramel blonde is already a dark shade so a darker tone won’t go well with your olive skin.

Those with a dark skin can opt for buttery tones if they want to go blonde. Caramel or dark butterscotch looks great too. However, avoid ash or white blonde shades as the contrast will be too glaring.

Our hair design St Kilda professionals can help you to choose the right hair colour for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. www.glosshairdezign.com.au

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